American Legion Post 325 Field
Danville, Virginia
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Stadium C-
Atmosphere A-
Concessions B

Photos taken in 2012
As with most of the Appalachian League parks, American Legion Post 325 Field (also known as Dan Daniel Stadium) is a basic, no frills ballpark which primarily attracts hardcore baseball fans. Located in Dan Daniel Memorial Park, the backdrop is that of a small hill with some trees - bucolic, but rather unspectacular. Built in 1993, the seating bowl is constructed of metal with stadium style seats in the sections behind home plate, but just simple bleachers (no backs) down each line. When it was originally built, there was no covering over any of the seating areas. Fortunately, sometime in the mid-2000's, a roof was added to the three sections behind home plate. This offers some welcome shade on the many hot evenings during a Virginia summer. Behind the grandstand is a building which houses the press box on the second level as well as the concession and souvenir stands on the first level. Clubhouses are located in separate structures down each line. Concessions consist of the standard ballpark fare as well as the Braves' signature item, the bologna burger. Prices are reasonable and quality seemed ok. Because the Appy League attracts mostly just fans who are there to watch the game, there is not much here for the casual fan. The team does a couple between inning contests, but there is no mascot or play area to entertain the kids, which is fine by me. But one aspect that I don't like is that almost all the seats are obstructed by the netting which runs from dugout to dugout. Only the seats in the last section down each line are unobstructed. Overall, this is not one of my favorite ballparks in the Appy League, mostly because it lacks any sort of character or charm like that which can found at Calfee Park or Burlington Athletic Stadium. There are rumors that Danville could lose their team if nearby Lynchburg needs a team to occupy a vacant City Stadium. With the minor league restructuring of 2021, the Appy League was converted to a collegiate summer league.
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