Ballpark at Jackson
Jackson, Tennessee
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Stadium B-
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Photos taken in 2001
Jackson, Tennessee seems like an odd location for a minor league team. Set in between two big cities (Nashville and Memphis), this rural city does not seem to have the population base to support a double A team. And this was clear the night I was there. Though attendance was listed as 2900, there wasn't much more than 1000 in the stands. The park itself is nothing spectacular. Built using a familiar template, you enter on the concourse which overlooks the playing field. Luxury boxes and club level seats reside over the concourse area. The seating is split between fold down chairs and metal bleachers (some with backs and some without). The abundance of bleachers give the park a rather cheap feel. A useless center concourse cuts the seating sections into two distinct parts. This center concourse pushes many of the seats further from the action than they need to be. A large picnic area with some games for kids is located deep down the right field line - not even in view of the playing field (the way it should be). A grill, featuring tasty cheese steaks and burgers is located down the left field line. A small souvenir store is located on the concourse behind home plate. The setting for Pringles Park (as it was originally called) is also unspectacular - it sits in the middle of nowhere right next to a highway. One annoyance here - they actually frown upon people taking flash photos while the game is going on. Overall, a serviceable double A stadium, but one that lacks any character. With the minor league restructuring of 2021, Jackson lost their team and it is unclear what the future holds for this park.
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