BayCare Ballpark
Clearwater, Florida
Year Opened

Current Team
Clearwater Threshers

Philadelphia Phillies

Florida State League


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My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere C
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2009 & 2007
As with most of the facilities in the Florida State League, Spectrum Field (now known as BayCare Ballpark) was built for spring training, so seems like overkill when the minor league season starts. Having only seen FSL games here, I can only assume that watching a Phillies spring training game is much more enjoyable. The ballpark is located right along busy Route 19, so you can hear the traffic rumbling by throughout the game. This is some difference from Jack Russell Stadium which was tucked away in a quiet residential area. The exterior of the new ballpark is nicely landscaped with a stucco finish and a large wishing well located at the main entrance. The interior is very expansive, which is probably needed with the big crowds in spring training. The design is very similar to what is found at other new minor league parks. There is a full wraparound concourse where the field can be seen from any location on it. All seating is of the green fold down chair variety. With the large capacity, some of the seats are a bit far from the field, but this is only a concern during spring training. There is also a small club level section of seating on the first base side. Grass berms are located behind the left and right field fences, allowing fans to spread out with their blankets. The most unique aspect of Spectrum Field is the tiki bar in the left field corner. I'm sure this must be the most popular spot in the ballpark on most nights. A large gift shop is located off the concourse on the third base side. Concessions, even for FSL games, are well varied and reasonably priced. Chicken sandwiches, burgers, and Philly cheese steaks (of course) are some of the selections on the menu. The atmosphere was a bit different from other parks as there was no on field games, but there was lots of music played and several dances (Macarena, YMCA, etc) were done between innings. I attended on a camp day, so there was tons of screaming kids, but I assume the atmosphere on a regular night is a bit more relaxed. Many have called Bright House Field the best spring training venue in Florida. In terms of its structure and amenities, it certainly ranks high, but the location along a busy road detracts from the overall experience for me. I prefer the parks that are located in more quiet areas. Still, there is little doubting that this ballpark is an improvement over the outdated Jack Russell Stadium where the Phillies trained prior.
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