Bicentennial Field
Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Stadium B
Atmosphere B+
Concessions C+

Photos taken in 1997
What had been a softball field for many years, Bicentennial Field has been turned into quite a unique park. The outfield borders a street in right field and houses in left and center field. Because of this, the dimensions are extremely small, especially to center and right field. It is 310 feet to right, and probably not more than 360 to center. The center fielder is forced to play on the edge of the warning track because of this. A high wall (20+ feet high) with a net comprises the outfield fence. The bullpens are located in center field behind the tall fence. The grandstand area is less unique however. There are box seats behind home plate, and reserved seats down both lines as well as behind the box seats. General admission seats make up the majority of the seats down both foul lines. One problem with sitting close to the field is the chain link fence which is somewhat difficult to see through. None of the seats are covered. There is hardly any foul territory - maybe 20 feet behind homeplate and 10 feet down the lines. In fact, there is not enough room for coach's boxes. The concourse area located behind the stands has a concession and souvenir stand. They do a good job of keeping the kids interested with many of the same promotions that other teams do. Allentown has done an admirable job in renovating the stadium and getting fans to come out. However, with Adirondack and Albany now gone from the Northeast League, Bicentennial Field ranks near the bottom of parks in the league. Because of this reason, and the lack of attendance, the Ambassadors folded just prior to the 2004 season. Professional baseball returned to Allentown in 2008 with the construction of Coca-Cola Park to host the AAA Phillies.
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