Blair Field
Long Beach, California
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Stadium B+
Atmosphere B-
Concessions C-

Photos taken in 2008
Blair Field is not your typical California ballpark - it is one of only a few that actually has a covered grandstand. With the cool nights and lack of rain in southern California there really isn't a need for a roof, but because of it, Blair Field has some charm. Located in a city park, the stadium has undergone renovations in recent years, making it a fine professional venue. Fans enter onto the concourse area which surrounds the exterior of the park. Along the concourse are two concession stands, a souvenir table and play area consisting of a couple inflatables - one of which has a logo of the now defunct San Diego Surf Dawgs. Couldn't the team afford their own ? Inside the grandstand there are three types of seating - two rows of box seats, ten rows or reserved seats, and the rest is wooden bleachers with backs. Despite the large roof, there are no poles to hold it up, so no sightlines are obstructed. Foul territory is a bit large, however. Blair Field is immaculately maintained as the grandstand appeared to be nearly spotless. Concessions here could really use some improvement. After visiting Fullerton a few days earlier, I didn't think concessions could get much worse, but the Armada have the Flyers beat. Not only are prices too high but the quality is poor and portions tiny. Five dollars for a mediocre hot dog ? I realize that southern California is an expensive place to live, but charging $5 for a hot dog is a ripoff. Other concession options include brats, tri-tip sandwiches, and polish sausages. My recommendation - eat before you come to the ballpark. The atmosphere at Blair Field is entertaining to say the least. The Armada fans, while not great in numbers, are very passionate and vocal. Almost too vocal at times as some of their yelling at umpires and players bordered on classless. Lots of music was played, but sound effects were limited. The team's mascot, Arbi I, was quite active throughout the night. Several games were played between innings including race the mascot, hillbilly horseshoes, and the balloon bust. Besides the concessions, my only other complaint has to do with the one vendor who was selling food in the stands. He came off as very intimidating and rude, though I'm not sure he meant it. If he caught you looking at him, he would yell at you, "Do you want some salty nuts ? I see you eyeing me." For fans who are newcomers to Blair Field, I'm not sure this vendor makes the best impression. But overall I found my visit here to be a memorable one. The ballpark is neat and the fans are passionate. Now if they could just work on their concessions. The Golden League decided not to return to Long Beach in 2010.
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