Bosse Field
Evansville, Indiana
Year Opened

Current Team
Evansville Otters


Frontier League


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My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere B+
Concessions C-

Photos taken in 2016
One of the true classic minor league ballparks in America, Bosse Field harkens back to a different era of minor league ballparks. They simply don't build them like this anymore. With a grand semi-circular covered grandstand, similar to New Haven's Yale Field, this place is an absolute treat to take in a game at. One of the oldest ballparks still in use, it was a long time home of an affiliated team before hosting the Otters starting in 1995.


  • The outside facade is completely brick and appears to still be in great shape.
  • The grandstand inside is made up of all individual fold down wooden chairs. While some are broken and others have paint peeling, this does not in any way detract from the park. There are a few rows of reserved seats below the cross aisle, but the majority of seats are general admission.
  • Because of its old time feel, it was used in the filming of "A League Of Their Own" in the early '90's. Many of the signs that were used in the movie remain, like this one.
  • The main concourse area is located behind the grandstand on the outside of the park. There are several concession stands and a small kids play area.
  • Underneath the grandstand there is also a small concourse that houses a small souvenir stand and a couple more concession stands. I always love the way the concession stands are tucked in at these old ballparks.
  • The Otters feature a great PA guy who sounds professional but also injects some humor into his job. But not so much humor that he tries to be the star of the show.
  • In another nod to the movie that was filmed here, the female interns for the Otters dress in uniforms similar to the teams from the AAGPBL.
  • The dugouts here are located almost behind home place. Their placement allows fans to easily peer in and watch the players. Definitely a cool feature.
  • A small playground for kids is located along the concourse behind the grandstand.
  • The Otters do a great job of honoring the past as there are numerous banners adorning the posts in the grandstand depicting great players and managers who started their careers at Bosse Field.


  • Because of the circular shape of the grandstand, many of the seats are a bit far from the field. There isn’t much foul territory behind home plate, but it is very large down the lines.
  • This is certainly a park that would lend itself to organ music, but there is none played. Still, the atmosphere is very laid back.


  • The basic concession items are available at the concession stands under the grandstand. A tent on the backside of the grandstand offers up some more unique items, like the “Bosse Beast” burger ($9) and pulled pork nachos ($7).
  • Prices are reasonable, but not as cheap as what you would expect for an older park. Hot dogs are $3.50, burgers are $4, french fries are $3, soft pretzels are $4, and bottled soda is $3.25.
  • The quality of the food I sampled was poor. The hot dog was so black from being burnt that it never should have been served. And the grilled chicken sandwich ($5) was boring (no toppings or dressings).
  • The ice cream stand (which appears to be in what was once a ticket window) serves up brownie sundaes ($6), root beer floats ($4), soft serve ($3), and assorted novelties ($3).
If you are at all interested in old time ballparks, Bosse Field is a must-see. It is full of nostalgia and unlike any other ballpark you will ever visit. Here’s hoping it sticks around for another 100 years!
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