Bowman Field
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Photos taken in 2017
Williamsport is probably best known for hosting the Little League World Series every summer, but they also have a long history of hosting minor league teams. Bowman Field is a classic minor league park featuring a large covered grandstand. Prior to the 2000 season, over $1 million was put into the park for improvements. And then before the 2017 season, more renovations were done in preparation for the first Little League Classic, a regular season game between two MLB teams. Most prominent was a new field and new larger dugouts. Despite all the renovations, Bowman Field maintains a classic minor league feel.


  • The covered grandstand is still a classic even though the floor is now just metal. All new fold down seats replaced the benches in 2017, thus making the ballpark much more comfortable.
  • A new premium seating area called Loggers Landing was added along the first base line in 2017. While it is neat, the structure blocks some of the views from the main grandstand.
  • The setting is a peaceful one as mountains provide the backdrop in left field and houses can be seen beyond the right field fence.
  • The Dugout Deck down the 3rd base line offers fans another seating option with open tables and a bar railing.
  • History is on display in the form of the Bowman Field Hall of Fame, located along the walkway leading up to the main grandstand.
  • The ballpark is located in a city park and most of the parking is free. The atmosphere is pretty typical of what you'd find in a small town. The team does do some between inning games, but overall it is quite laid back and fans seem to be there to watch the game.

  • The team store, added during the 2000 renovations, is extremely small. They’d probably be better off selling merchandise from a stand in the concourse.
  • Strangely, there was no kid’s area when I visited in 2017. There had been one in previous years, so not sure if it is gone permanently.
  • Netting obscures all views from the main grandstand. While I understand the need for extended netting, it would be nice if there were still some unobstructed view seats still available.

  • The main concession stand located behind home plate offers the normal ballpark options like hot dogs ($2.50), fries ($4.00), nachos ($4.00), and pizza ($3.50) as well as some more unique items like brisket sandwiches ($6.50), cold cut subs ($6.25), and bacon cheese fries ($5.00).
  • There are also a few standalone carts selling additional food items like gyros, frozen lemonade, and grilled items (burgers, sausages, specialty hot dogs).
  • Smaller concession stands are also located in the Loggers Landing and Dugout Deck areas.
  • Food prices are about average for this level of the minors. Quality is ok, but can’t say I was overly impressed.

Bowman Field, the second oldest park in the affiliated minor leagues (after Vermont's Centennial Field), is a fine place to take in a game. The recent renovations have modernized it some, but it has not lost any of its charm. Unfortunately, with the New York-Penn League being dissolved in 2021, pro baseball will no longer be played here.

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