Calfee Park
Pulaski, Virginia
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My Grades
Stadium B
Atmosphere B
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2013 & 2001
Calfee Park is half old and half new, making for a very unique ballpark. The original covered grandstand still stands along the third base side of the field. While the box seats, bleachers, and open air luxury suites were all built new in the late 90's. As with all Appy League parks, the seats are right on top of the action and prices are extremely cheap. The location of the park is residential as several houses sit right across the street from the outfield fence. Residents can literally sit on their front porch and watch the game. The drive to the park is also quite unique - you must go up and down a mountain over a winding road. A 19 foot high wall in right field makes for an interesting dimension. The renovations done to Calfee Park are nice, but they failed to do anything with the original grandstand. It has some wooden benches, but other areas that are just concrete. Just putting new benches in the whole grandstand would have made the renovations more complete. Despite this, Calfee Park is still a charming place to see a game. Unfortunately, the Blue Jays pulled out of Pulaski after the 2006 season and left Calfee Park vacant for the '07 season. But professional baseball will return in 2008 as the Seattle Mariners have agreed to put a team here. With the minor league restructuring of 2021, the Appy League was converted to a collegiate summer league and Pulaski was left without pro baseball.
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