Camelback Ranch
Glendale, Arizona
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White Sox / Dodgers (Spring)




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Stadium A-
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Concessions B

Photos taken in 2009
Camelback Ranch is the brand new spring training home of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox. And it is probably the most expensive ever built as it came in at a price tag of over $100 million. It is a facility that will serve both the teams and fans very well for many years to come and which will probably serve as a model for other new spring training facilities in the years to come. Laid out on a 100 acre lot of land, the entire complex has 12 playing fields plus the main stadium. Fans are allowed to wonder the complex and watch the players as they practice on the “back” fields. The stadium is among the biggest in Arizona as capacity is 10,000, though more can be accommodated on the large grassy berms beyond the outfield fences. It has a low profile from the exterior, but once inside it is very expansive. The main entrance is actually located in centerfield, right next to the main gift store. A wraparound concourse that is fully in view of the field allows fans to take in the action from many different angles. The “ranch” theme is used throughout the park, but is most noticeable in the look of the luxury boxes which appear as if they were constructed of wood. Seats are all of the fold down variety and are the same color as the seats in the first level of Dodger Stadium. Hence while the ballpark is shared by the White Sox, it definitely feels like the Dodgers are the prime tenant here. This is also noticeable in the fact that there is only one program available for purchase – a Dodgers one. Because of the expansive nature of the ballpark, many of the seats are a long ways from the field, especially those past the bags. Many different food selections are available including Mexican (burritos, tacos), Chinese (sobo noodles), brats, and garlic fries, though prices seemed a bit high and portions on the small side. In fact nothing will come cheap for fans here – from parking ($5) to tickets ($20 - $90) to programs ($5). But so far it has not stopped fans from coming out. As with most spring training venues, the atmosphere is very laid back. Ushers are friendly but unobtrusive and fans seem to be there to watch the game. Because the ballpark lacked any intimacy, I am not that enamored with it. However, the complex overall is great for fans as it allows them to get close to the players in a very relaxed environment. There is no doubt, though, that this ballpark served as a model for future other spring training facilities like those in Fort Myers and Mesa.
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