Campanelli Stadium
Brockton, Massachusetts
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Stadium B+
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Concessions B

Photos taken in 2002
The state of Massachusetts seems to be setting a disturbing trend when building new ballparks. As with LeLacheur Park in Lowell, the brand new Campanelli Stadium in Brockton is built on the cheap. The park is built using the typical model - an open concourse at the top of the seating bowl with the luxury boxes stacked on top. But almost the whole park seems to made of tin - from the seating areas to the luxury boxes to the exterior. It gives the park a very cheap feel and makes it feel like a wind storm could blow it over. They did do some things right here, though - there is no annoying middle concourse and the press box is on the suite level and not the concourse level. Also, the seats are red in color which is a nice change of pace from the standard green. In addition, the exterior of the park is decorated with small murals depicting significant events and people in Brockton's history. Concessions here are not too varied with only clam chowder as a unique item on the menu. The scoreboard in left field features the red numerals which are becoming trendy in new parks. A conference center was constructed along the third base side during the '03 season. The owner of the Rox, Mike Veeck, gets lots of credit for being innovative with his promotions, though I didn't find the atmosphere to be too much different than other minor league parks. They did several between inning contests and played the normal sound effects. The Rox apparently do have a mascot, but he was nowhere to be found on my only visit here in '02. Despite its cheap feel, Campanelli Stadium is now considered the jewel of Can-Am League. Despite this, the Rox suffered through several years of financial difficulties and decided to sit out the 2012 season. It is likely that a collegiate league team will set up shop here for '12, but hopefully the professional Rox will return someday. For a panoramic photo of the field, click here.
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