Cheney Stadium
Tacoma, Washington
Year Opened

Current Team
Tacoma Raniers

Seattle Mariners

Pacific Coast League


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My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere A-
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2007 & 2003
Cheney Stadium's days as a AAA park may be coming to an end soon. It is easy to see that it doesn't stack up compared to other newer AAA parks, but what it lacks in "amenities" is made up for in charm and character. The covered grandstand is unlike any other park - the concrete roof with no supporting beams is quite an amazing structure. Who ever said that a covered grandstand meant that poles had to obstruct some views ? Other aspects that add some character are the murals and plaques on the concourse and the lifesize statue of Mr. Cheney actually in a seat behind homeplate. The seating in the main grandstand is made up of all fold down chairs now as the bleachers that had been there were removed. Now just a single bleacher section remains down the right field line. For being in Washington state, I expected Cheney Stadium to be more scenic, but it really isn't. Mt. Rainier can be seen from the left field bleachers on a clear night, but I was unable to see it either of the nights I was there. Over the outfield fence, there really is nothing to speak of. The concourse area behind the grandstand features several concession stands, a souvenir stand, a team store, and a small indoor bar. Concessions are well varied and the prices about average. The BBQ stand on the first side is highly recommended - it features some of the best BBQ I've ever had at a ballpark. The atmosphere is pretty tame, with just a few between inning contests and no sound effects. My one big complaint about Cheney Stadium is the high prices - $5 for parking and $14 for box seats. Fortunately they have free programs now. Apparently the team feels that anything will be cheap in comparison to Safeco Field. Overall, Cheney Stadium is a unique park and one certainly from a different era. Hopefully with some further improvements to the park, it will continue to host minor league baseball for years to come. Those further improvements came before the 2011 season. From the photos I've seen, it appears that the essence of the old ballpark may have been lost, but I will reserve judgement until I see it in person.
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