Chukchansi Park
Fresno, California
Year Opened

Current Team
Fresno Grizzlies

Colorado Rockies

California League


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My Grades
Stadium A
Atmosphere A
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2010 & 2005
After playing at Pete Beiden Field (located on the Fresno State campus) for four seasons, the Grizzlies moved into their new downtown ballpark in 2002. And what a great ballpark it is. The downtown setting is nice, even if the surrounding neighborhood isn't exactly hopping with activity. While I'm sure tons of economic growth was predicted while the park was being built, it doesn't appear that much has occurred. Grizzlies Stadium (now known as Chukchansi Park) is a pretty typical new AAA park, similar to those in Albuquerque and Louisville. The exterior has a western feel to it with an adobe-like finish and palm trees surrounding it. Inside, the park has two seating decks which all fans can access. The field level seats wrap from foul pole to foul pole while the upper deck seats run from 3rd base to the right field corner. Luxury boxes makes up the third deck of the stadium. All seats are of the green, fold-down variety except for the couple rows of bleachers located in left field. The concourse above the field level seats is plenty wide and filled with various concession stands. Unfortunately, the concourse does not wrap all the way around the park. It stops in right field and in left-center where one of the picnic areas is. It's not clear why the concourse wasn't made to circle the entire park as there is clearly enough room. A large courtyard is located in front of the park, but seems under utilized. A kids play area is setup here during the game, but that appears to be its only use. The concessions at Grizzlies Stadium are well varied and of good quality. Which means you may have to drop a bit more money, but it's worth it. Choices include 1/2 lb burgers, fresh Mexican, various sausages, and pizza that actually looks edible. My only real complaint here is with the atmosphere. While the team doesn't do many between inning games, they do have a cheerleading squad. This just seems so out of place at a baseball game. Fortunately they only come out and perform a few times during the game. The team also has a mascot, Wild Thing, but he is not seen much. Overall, the atmosphere is relaxing as sound effects are kept to a minimum, the ushers are unobtrusive, and fans seem to be into the game. Ticket prices are a bit on the high side ($13 for field boxes), but the free programs help offset them. Parking is available in nearby surface lots and garages for a $5 fee. While Grizzlies Stadium doesn't have any one feature that makes it stand out, there are a lot of things to like about this park. Among AAA parks, it is certainly one of my favorites. Though starting in 2021, the Grizzlies are moving to the California League as a Single-A affiliate of the Rockies.
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