Classic Park
Eastlake, Ohio
Year Opened

Current Team
Lake County Captains

Cleveland Indians

Midwest League


Location Map

My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere B
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2003
Classic Park, located in an eastern suburb of Cleveland, doesn't break any new ground but is still a fine new venue, especially for the low A South Atlantic League. Like almost every other new park being built, you enter on the concourse which is open and overlooks the field. Luxury boxes are located over the concourse and extend down the lines further than in most parks. In left field there is a small bleacher section, which is a nice touch. Grassy berms where fans can sit are located in right field and in left-center field. For some reason, despite the berms in the outfield, it is not possible to circle the park completely. Two picnic areas (one in the LF corner and one in the RF corner) complete the seating areas. The concessions here are well varied and reasonably priced, though only average in quality. Food selections include Philly Steaks, chili, and macaroni & cheese in addition to the standard ballpark fare. The atmosphere is about what one comes to expect at a new ballpark - lots of loud rock music being blared, a few between inning contests (Race The Mascot, Dizzy Bat Race, etc.), and an annoying on-field DJ. Fans seemed to get most excited when it was time to sing Sponge Bob Squarepants. The Captains also have a mascot, "Skipper", though he is not a captain, but rather a copy of the Indians' mascot "Slider". Also typical of new ballparks, there were too many employees wandering around with nothing to do. Fortunately they weren't pestering people to show their tickets. One other small complaint I had was that the starting lineups were announced 45 minutes before the game was to start, when many people hadn't even arrived yet. The Captains do have an impressive gift shop that was well stocked with team merchandise. Classic Park is located on a busy four lane road, which necessitated a pedestrian bridge being built from the parking lot (across the street) to the ballpark. This is fine as the fans trickle in before the game, but makes for slow egress after the game as fans make their way back to their vehicles. Parking is $4, which is a bit high for this much of a hassle. While Classic Park is a fine place to see a ballgame, there is nothing to distinguish it from numerous other new parks that have been built recently, and therefore was rather unmemorable for me.
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