Classic Park
Eastlake, Ohio
Year Opened

Current Team
Lake County Captains

Cleveland Indians

Midwest League


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My Grades
Stadium B
Atmosphere A-
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2018
Classic Park, located in an eastern suburb of Cleveland, is a great example of a minor league ballpark that feels like it just came off a conveyor belt. It is a fine enough venue, but there is little to distinguish itself from numerous other ballparks. I first visited in 2003 so was surprised when I returned 15 years later to find that very little had changed. Even minor league ballparks should be maintained and improved continually. Sadly, it seems that the Captains have not kept up with the times.


  • Like almost every other new park being built, you enter on the concourse which is open and overlooks the field.
  • In left field, there is a small bleacher section. Behind the bleachers are several inflatables and playground for the kids. While I’m fine with having a kid’s play area, it did seem a bit excessive here.
  • The Captains have an impressive gift shop that was is stocked with team merchandise.
  • The light blue seats is a refreshing change from the standard dark green or dark blue color usually found in newer ballparks.
  • The Captains also have a mascot, "Skipper", though he is not a captain. Rather he just a green fuzzy creature.
  • The one distinguishable feature the ballpark has is a lighthouse in centerfield. However, it is so small, that it is hardly noticeable and blends in with the backdrop.

  • Classic Park is located on a busy four lane road, which necessitated a pedestrian bridge being built from the parking lot (across the street) to the ballpark. This is fine as the fans trickle in before the game, but makes for slow egress after the game as fans make their way back to their vehicles. Parking is $8, which is a bit high for this much of a hassle.
  • Despite grassy berms and bleachers in the outfield, it is not possible to circle the ballpark entirely. For some reason, the area around the batter’s eye is blocked off. This is a design mistake that should have been fixed.
  • The picnic areas, located down each line, are covered by white tents. These just feel a bit out of place in a modern minor league ballpark.
  • The team charges the same price for every seat in the ballpark ($11 on gameday). Despite having bleachers and berm seating, it is not possible to buy cheaper tickets for these areas.

  • There is a decent variety of concessions, though the lines tend to be long when there are bigger crowds.
  • Most of the normal ballpark staples are available, though prices seem to be a bit high. Hot dogs are $3.50, chicken tenders are $8.50, burgers are $4.50 and pizza is $5.
  • The signature food item is The Moby Dick - a sandwich which includes 5 fish fillets, clams, and fries. It is $20, so is certainly not meant for one person to finish! It can be found at The Galley.
  • A specialty burger stand is located directly behind home plate. Besides burgers, it also offers cheese steaks and Italian sausages.
  • Other non-traditional food options include tacos, mac & cheese bites, fried pickles, and tater tots.
While Classic Park is a fine place to see a ballgame, there is nothing to distinguish it from numerous other new parks that have been built in the past 20 years or so, and therefore is rather unmemorable for me.
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