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Hannibal, Missouri
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Photos taken in 2003
Clemens Field, named after Hannibal resident Samuel Clemens, was host to a Midwest League team from 1952-55, but has not hosted professional baseball since. And before 2009, the ballpark had fallen into somewhat disrepair (as evidenced by the photos above). The field apparently hadn't gotten any use as the grass was brown and the infield was all dirt. But extensive renovations occurred here in 2009 upon the arrival of the Hannibal Cavemen, a team in the collegiate Prospect League. A new field was put in, real seats installed in the grandstand, and picnic areas built down the lines. From pictures I've seen, Clemens Field really looks fantastic now. The park is enclosed by a solid stone wall that is about 10 feet high. Story has it that prisoners of war were held here during World War II, which explains the need for the stone wall. It is always great to see an old park like this get a second life. While it will probably never host pro ball again, it is perfectly suited for a collegiate league team like they have now. Hopefully I will get here someday for a visit. For photos of the ballpark as it appears now, click the following links : Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4.
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