Cobb Field
Billings, Montana
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Stadium A-
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Photos taken in 2006
If you're looking for a baseball time machine, Cobb Field is about as good as it gets (especially now with Ray Winder Field gone). Unfortunately, the team and city are trying to drum up support for a ballpark that would replace Cobb Field. There is no way that a brand new ballpark could replicate the authentic baseball experience that fans get when they come to Cobb Field. Located just north of downtown Billings, the ballpark's setting is just one of its many unique features. Providing the backdrop is Billings most famous feature, the Rimrocks. The ballpark itself is a classic WPA model. The grandstand wraps all the way around the infield and features a large roof over the sections behind homeplate. Most of the seating is just metal bleachers as there are only a few rows of box seats, which here means metal folding chairs. There is also a large picnic area at the end of the 3rd base side. The concourse, while narrow and dark, is a classic. Similar to the one found at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids, it features several concession stands and a small gift shop, which is about 20 feet long and only about 5 feet wide. Also along the concourse is the Billings Hall of Fame, which features photos of some of the famous alumni to have played here. Concessions are well varied and cheap, as could be expected at this low rung of the minors. They offer wings, brats, Philly steaks, BBQ, and burgers besides the normal ballpark fare. Portions are good size and the quality is good. While the ballpark and cheap fare contribute to making Cobb Field a time machine, it's really the atmosphere that does it. There are no on-field games. There are no annoying sound effects between pitches or at-bats. And there is no mascot for the kids to molest. Baseball is the attraction here and adults and kids alike are expected to sit and watch the game. There are no fun areas or jump castles or speed pitch games for the kids. It is really refreshing to see such a pure experience, especially after witnessing how teams on the east coast go crazy with games, sound effects, and other nonsense. The closest thing the team has to a mascot is an old lady who sells 50/50 raffle teams and acts as the team cheerleader. About the only complaint I could find out Cobb Field is that almost all the sightlines are blocked by a screen or netting. But other than that, this is about as perfect as it gets if you're a fan of baseball and old ballparks. Hopefully nothing changes here, but I fear with a new ballpark (opening in '08), things could only change for the worse. So get to Cobb Field while you still can - you won't regret it ! Unfortunately, time has now run out. Immediately after the '07 season, Cobb Field was knocked down to make way for the new ballpark being built on the same site.
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