Consol Energy Park
Washington, Pennsylvania
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Washington Wild Things


Frontier League


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Stadium C+ Atmosphere C Concessions B-

Photos taken in 2002
One of the nice things about the Frontier League is that they never lose focus of where they rank among the independent leagues and clearly don't have illusions of grandeur. Falconi Field is a perfect example of this. It's probably not suitable for any level of affiliated ball, but it's just fine for the Frontier League. It clearly was not an expensive park to build as much of it is metal. In fact, the majority of the seating is just metal benches (with backs). All the metal can make it pretty warm during a day game. There are a limited number of box seats in the lower level of seating, but they are almost all taken by season ticket holders. Similar to several NY-Penn League parks, the concourse is set behind the seating. There are a couple of concession stands behind homeplate as well as one down each line. Standard ballpark fare is about all they offer at Falconi Park, but at reasonable prices. There is also a small gift store located off the concourse. The park is located next to a mall and has a highway running right by it. Some small hills provide the backdrop in the outfield. My biggest complaint here was with the atmosphere - it just felt too forced and scripted. Also, there were too many sound effects, many of which were unique, but annoying. One other complaint - they do not announce starting lineups which is certainly rare. The mascot, Wild Thing, at least appeared to be more useful than most mascots. One nice touch is that Kent Tekulve (the team's GM and pitching coach) gives away his jersey to one lucky fan at the end of every game. Overall, Falconi Field is a pleasant enough place to see a game, and provides a nice alternative to Pirates' games for the people of Pittsburgh.
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