Consol Energy Park
Washington, Pennsylvania
Year Opened

Current Team
Washington Wild Things


Frontier League


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My Grades
Stadium C+
Atmosphere B+
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2016
One of the nice things about the Frontier League is that they never lose focus of where they rank among the independent leagues and clearly don't have illusions of grandeur. Consol Energy Park is a perfect example of this. It's probably not suitable for any level of affiliated ball, but it's just fine for the Frontier League.


  • The atmosphere is quite laid back and most of the fans seem to be into the game. This is in stark contrast to what it was like in 2001 when it first opened. Nice to see the craziness has been toned down.
  • A nice play area for kids is located behind the 3rd base bleachers. It features a playground as well as a few inflatables (which there is a nominal charge for).
  • A small team store, called “The Cage”, is located under the first base bleachers.
  • As with most Frontier League ballparks, it has a very intimate feel. It actually reminds me more the New York-Penn League ballparks in Hudson Valley and Mahoning Valley.
  • The team has an excellent mascot, Wild Thing. He is quite active throughout the game and is very accommodating to kids.
  • On Sundays, the entire Wild Things team is available for autographs as fans leave the ballpark. Love this idea!
  • A statue of Angelo Falconi, who the ballpark was originally named after, is located in front of the ballpark.


  • Parking, located behind the outfield fence, is $5. This is a bit exorbitant for this level of play.
  • There is a bit too much metal in the seating bowl. The lower level of seats are fold downs, but the upper level are almost all metal bleachers. Because of all the metal seating, it can be pretty warm him during day games. Fortunately, almost all their games are at night.
  • Originally, Consol Energy Park had real grass, but artificial turf was installed in 2010. Not a fan of it even with more and more indy league ballparks getting it.


  • There are two concession stands located behind home plate that serve up the standard ballpark fare like hot dogs ($2.50), burgers ($5), fries ($5), nachos ($5) and chicken fingers ($8). On addition, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches ($6) are available every day except Sundays.
  • The Grill On First stand offers specialty hot dogs as well as totchos (sort of like nachos except with tater tots instead of tortilla chips). There are six different hot dog choices, each costing $6.
  • The Dessert Den, located down the first base line, has soft serve ice cream ($5), fried oreos ($5), and funnel cakes ($5.50).
  • A unique tradition here occurs during the 6th inning. Serving carts are wheeled out into the seating area where fans can purchase two cookies and a carton of milk for $1. A really cute idea!
  • Overall, the food selection and quality are both good. My only complaint here is with the long lines at the concession stands, even with a small crowd. I can’t imagine what it must be like on more crowded nights.
Upon my first visit here in 2001, I wasn’t too impressed, mostly because the atmosphere felt forced. But upon a return visit in 2016, I enjoyed it more, mostly because the crowds have subsided and is a more relaxing place to take in a game. Overall, Consol Energy Park is a pleasant enough place to see a game, and provides a nice alternative to Pirates' games for the people of Pittsburgh.
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