Don McBride Stadium
Richmond, Indiana
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My Grades
Stadium B+
Atmosphere A-
Concessions C

Photos taken in 1998
Don McBride Stadium is a small intimate old-time ballpark. It has a small covered grandstand that provides the majority of the seating. There is also a small bleacher section as well as some berm seating. The stadium is set into a bowl as you enter the grandstand at the top of the seating. The grandstand only has a few small openings, so it can get quite warm on hot nights with a lot of people. Concessions and souvenirs are sold in the concourse area which is located in the area where fans enter the park. The concessions were quite limited (but cheap) with only the standard ballpark fare offered. The dimensions of the park are quite small, especially to right field which is listed at 320. I'm skeptical of this however, as the RF was playing on the edge of the warning track all game and the balls were flying out in that direction. The Roosters had a mascot named Rowdy who was pretty active despite being upstaged by the Blues Brothers the night I went. A neat old stadium well worth a visit if you are interested in ballparks from another era. Unfortunately, the Roosters were sold after the 2005 season and moved to Traverse City, Michigan. It doesn't appear likely that pro baseball will return to Richmond any time soon.
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