Drillers Stadium
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Stadium B-
Atmosphere B+
Concessions A

Photos taken in 2000
Drillers Stadium is another midwestern park built on a county fairgrounds similar to Toledo and Louisville. This is probably the best of the three, however, as it was built exclusively for baseball. The stadium is a bit strange in that the majority of the seats are in the upper deck. Despite this, most of the seats are not too far away as the deck is not that high. Most of the upper deck is covered, while none of the seats in the lower level are. Poles can obstruct the view of some seats, but only when there are large crowds. The seats are all metal so can be very hot until the sun goes down - fortunately they start most games at 7:30. The concourse area is located behind and beneath the grandstand. There are numerous concession stands offering a wide variety of food from pizza to hot dogs to fajitas. The fajitas here are great - for $3 you get a huge tortilla stuffed with chicken or steak and all the fixings. All the concessions are reasonably priced. A small souvenir stand is also located on the concourse - the prices here were not as reasonable. My only complaint about the concourse was the lack of picnic tables. With how spacious it is, it would be nice to see more tables for people to eat at. While the park is located on the fairgrounds, it still borders two streets. Because of this, a large netting has been erected in the outfield to protect passing cars. Only a couple of on-field contests were done, and sound effects were kept to a minimum. A mascot named Hornsby was present, but only made one brief appearance. Drillers Stadium may not measure up to some of the newer stadiums, but is still a suitable park for Double-A baseball. But because all the other teams in the Texas League had shiny new parks, Tulsa decided to follow suit. A new downtown ballpark will open in 2010. The city has not yet decided what will become of Drillers Stadium.
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