Duffy Fairgrounds
Watertown, New York
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Watertown Bucks


East Coast Baseball League


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Stadium C- Atmosphere NG Concessions NG

Photos taken in 1994
It's a wonder that Watertown held onto its team as long as they did (through the 1998 season) because Duffy Fairgrounds is simply not a good place to see a game. The park was clearly not constructed for baseball. The grandstand behind home plate does not curve at all, and is set way too far back from the field. The best seats are probably the box seats that sit on the dugouts. There are also bleacher sections down both lines. But a good seat is hard to find at Duffy Fairgrounds. The concessions and souvenirs were located in a building behind the main grandstand. Besides the poor facility, the weather conditions are not ideal for baseball. I attended a game here in August of '94, and it was in the 30's that night. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but do know that cold weather is not uncommon for this area of upstate New York. It would be hard to imagine Watertown getting another professional team with the poor facility and attendance woes the team had their last few years here. But after a few years of hosting a summer collegiate team, professional baseball is scheduled to return to Watertown in 2015 with the arrival of a team in the East Coast Baseball League.
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