Eastwood Field
Niles, Ohio
Year Opened

Current Team
Mahoning Valley Scrappers

Cleveland Indians

New York-Penn League


Location Map

My Grades
Stadium B
Atmosphere C+
Concessions B

Photos taken in 2002
Eastwood Field (originally known as Cafaro Field) fits right in with the some of the other parks in the New York-Penn League, most resembling Dutchess Stadium , but on a slightly larger scale. Fortunately, most of the seating here is individual folding chairs, with just one bleacher section down the left field line. The concourse area is below the seating and out of view from the field. It has a few concession stands and a souvenir stand (but oddly no store). The seating is split into two sections - an upper and lower level. Because of this, many of the seats are a bit far from the field. Concessions are average in variety, quality, and price. The park is set in the back of a mall parking lot, which makes for a boring setting. Parking is $2 as is walk-ins. That's right - to prevent people from parking in the mall parking lot, they actually charge people to walk in - $2 per person. Its one of the most ludicrous yet funny things I've seen at a ballpark. You can see the walk-in entrance in the first photo above. The atmosphere at Eastwood Field was a bit too much for me - there is a constant barrage of advertisements over the PA system and the between inning games were numerous. The Scrappers have a mascot named Scrappy, but he appeared to be pretty useless. Certainly a good enough park for the New York-Penn League, but not one of my favorites.
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