Eastwood Field
Niles, Ohio
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Photos taken in 2018
Eastwood Field (originally known as Cafaro Field) fits right in with the some of the other parks in the New York-Penn League, most resembling Dutchess Stadium, but on a slightly larger scale. Located in Niles, a small city in northeast Ohio, the team draws mainly from the Youngstown metropolitan area. The ballpark, set in a mall parking lot, is still meticulously maintained even after 20 years of use.
  • Most of the seating here is individual folding chairs, though there is a bleacher section down the left field line. Sightlines are especially good from the upper level seats as the seating bowl is plenty steep.
  • The seats further down the lines are angled towards home plate. Some fans like this, some don’t. It does block the views of balls that go into the outfield corners, but overall I think the tradeoff is worth it as your seat is facing the infield where most of the action occurs.
  • When I visited in 2018, I was very impressed with how the ballpark looked. Maintenance sometimes lags on ballparks, but not here. There was no broken seats to be found and everything seemed to be in tip-top shape.
  • A huge, multi-tiered picnic area is located in the right field corner.
  • A kid’s fun zone, with several inflatables, is located in the left field corner. Unfortunately, they charge per ride instead of a one price for everything ticket.
  • The Scrappers team history is recognized nicely with a Hall of Champions display as well as a banner listing all the Scrappers players which have made the majors.

  • The setting, adjacent to a mall, shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels, is uninspired and boring. It also makes for one of the most ridiculous policies I have ever seen. To prevent fans from parking in the mall parking lot, they charge a $3 “walk-in” fee. Would the team really lose that much money on parking fees? Yikes.
  • In an age when almost every team gives out free programs, the Scrappers charge $5. I can’t imagine many people are buying them.
  • The video board is big and has clear picture, but is lacking a dedicated linescore. It’s a minor complaint, but I believe the linescore should always be displayed.
  • The large bleacher section down the left field line looks a bit out of place and kills the intimacy of the ballpark. But it is nice that the team provides a cheaper ticket alternative.

  • A covered concourse runs behind the seating bowl and houses all the concession stands and carts. A good variety of concessions is available, though prices seem to be a bit high for Single-A.
  • The Tap House stand features Quaker Steak & Lube wings and onion rings.
  • The Diamond Diner stand offers most of the normal ballpark fare but also a dog bowl full of chicken tenders and fries. This seemed to be a popular item the night I visited.
  • The Bullpen Bar & Grille stand is located beyond the picnic area in the right field corner.
  • Also along the concourse, there is a "Create a Burger" cart and a Mexican stand selling tacos and burritos.
Upon first visiting in 2001, I really was not impressed with Eastwood Field. Perhaps the walk-in fee annoyed me so much, that I was unable to fairly evaluate it. So upon a return visit in 2018, I came away more impressed. It is not in the top tier of New York-Penn League ballparks, but it is probably as good or better than most. There is nothing too memorable about it, but it is a perfectly fine place to take in a game. Unfortunately, in 2021 the Scrappers were converted to a collegiate league team, so Eastwood Field will likely not see pro ball again.
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