Engel Stadium
Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Photos taken in 1999
Engel Stadium has to be one of the top minor league parks in America - either new or old. Despite it being over 75 years old, the park is not showing its age in any way. This is probably because of the constant renovations they've done over the years including replacing all the seats in the early 90's. So why did they build a new park to replace this one ? The only reason I can think of is the lack of luxury boxes. From an average fan's perspective, though, parks just don't come any better than this. Engel Stadium features a large covered grandstand that extends from first base all the way around to third base. All the seating is individual seats with box seats being fold down chairs, reserved being bucket seats, and the GA seats being wooden fold down chairs. Though the wooden seats are not the most comfortable, they beat the metal bleachers that many parks have nowadays. There is a picnic area in left field that extends into fair territory behind the outfield wall. The concourse area is under the seating and is completely covered. It offers several concession stands featuring a good variety of food and a small souvenir store. Prices are very affordable on everything from tickets ($4 for a GA seat) to programs (just $1). The stadium also features a unique hill in centerfield that has the word "Lookouts" written on it. It is over 400 feet from home plate and is in play. Also, every time a Lookout player hits a home run, a train emerges from the scoreboard. Parking is available right next to the stadium for $2. It's really a shame that 1999 will be the last season Engel Stadium will be used. At least it won't ever be torn down as it has already been declared an historic place.
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