Fair Grounds Field
Shreveport, Louisiana
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Stadium C+
Atmosphere A-
Concessions B-

Photos taken in 2004
Fair Grounds Field is a large concrete stadium, that was very typical of ballpark architecture in the 1980's, but became obsolete very quickly. Though it is only about 20 years old, this park feels so much older. Maybe part of it is just the lack of upkeep on the park, however, as many seats appear worn or are broken. Despite the 1980's design, Fair Grounds Field is a decent place to take in a game, and the Sports do put on a pretty good show. The seating is made up mostly of benches with just 5 rows of box seats. In addition, there is a seating available in an air conditioned "luxury box" behind homeplate. Tickets are available to the public in this section for just a couple dollars more than a box seat. Sightlines are good from almost all the seats except for those behind the dugouts where a small chain link fence obscures the view. A small roof even covers part of the seating area. The concourse area is mostly out of view from the field as it is located behind the seating areas. For this reason, the Sports serve most of their concessions from the area behind home plate which is open to the field. In addition, there is a grill in the picnic area in LF, which is also open to the public. Concessions are rather basic (only hot dogs, burgers, and sausages), but prices are reasonable. The atmosphere here is very laid back. There are not many sound effects and only a couple between inning contests. The Sports also have a mascot, which appears to be a pelican. Fortunately, the Famous Chicken was on hand the night I attended a game, so I was mostly spared the antics of what I'm sure was another boring mascot. The best word to describe Fair Grounds Field is functional. It is neither interesting nor memorable, which is probably why it will never see affiliated baseball again. And in 2012 it will not even see professional baseball as the Shreveport Captains moved to Laredo, TX.
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