Fairfield Properties Ballpark
Central Islip, New York
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Long Island Ducks


Atlantic League


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Stadium A-
Atmosphere B+
Concessions B

Photos taken in 2005
The wait for minor league baseball on Long Island finally ended in the spring of 2000 with the arrival of the Long Island Ducks. Brand new Suffolk County Sports Park (previously knows as Citibank Park) is home to the Ducks. While it is a nice enough new park, all the Atlantic League parks are starting to look too similar. It is built almost identically to The Sandcastle and Somerset County Ballpark There are two entrances to the ballpark, both which bring you on to the concourse area that overlooks the playing field. Luxury boxes have been built over the concourse. Seating extends almost from foul line to foul line and is split by a center concourse which serves no purpose. Several new parks have this middle concourse which only takes away some seats that might be closer to the action. The park also has two huge cutouts behind each dugout for handicapped people. This also takes away some very good seating. Also, the sightlines could be better. For such a new park you would expect a great view from any seat, but I didn't find this to be the case. Numerous railings and seats that aren't sloped enough made it difficult to see the action at times. There are good things about Suffolk County Sports Park, though. The concessions were affordable and varied, though not that tasty. And the between inning promotions were limited to only a few. The setting for the park is nothing special (it is located in a commercial park and next door to a large courthouse) meaning there is absolutely no view beyond the outfield fence. Access to the park is very easy and parking plentiful and free. Overall, a nice enough place to see a game, but not much that would make it stand out among other Atlantic League parks.
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