GCS Ballpark
Sauget, Illinois
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Gateway Grizzlies


Frontier League


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Stadium A
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Photos taken in 2003
Keeping with the Frontier League tradition of using parks that are a bit different, Gateway built a new park, that while follows a similar template, has enough differences to make it unique and refreshing. GMC Stadium is probably most similar to Troy's Bruno Stadium. The concourse is completely open and overlooks the field. While it doesn't circle the park entirely, it does go into right field where grassy berms are located. While the park does have luxury boxes, they are not stacked over the concourse, but are located behind it. Usually I don't pay much attention much to the luxury boxes, but here they are one of the unique aspects. They are open air and are each numbered/named after a famous St. Louis ballplayer (i.e. #1 Ozzie Smith, #6 Stan Musial, etc.) Because there are only about 10 rows of seating, all seats are close to the field and provide good sightlines. There are also two grassy berms for overflow crowds - one along the third base side and one in right field behind the outfield fence. Picnic areas are located behind the seating on the first base side and outside the park in right field. Two small hot tubs in the right field corner are also available for rent. Concessions, while well varied, are average in quality and price. The atmosphere was pretty typical of a minor league park. Lots of music is blared between at-bats and innings, so it is rarely peaceful. The Grizzlies do have a good mascot, "Izzy". He is extremely active and even somewhat entertaining. GMC Stadium is located right off of I-255, next to a small airport. While the St. Louis skyline and arch can be seem from outside the park, it's unfortunate that they weren't able to face the ballpark towards it. It would have improved the setting immensely. Parking is plentiful and free. Despite my complaints about the atmosphere, I enjoyed my visit to GMC Stadium quite a bit. It is always nice to see a park where the team didn't feel the need to copycat many of the other new parks being built. For this reason, it is quite memorable.
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