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Photos taken in 2002
I'm not sure what Grainger Stadium looked before 2002, but the renovations they did over the offseason have made this one of the finest old parks in the country. The grandstand was completely gutted with all new seats and dugouts put in. The new seats under the covered grandstand are all of the green, plastic variety. The box seat area (which are real boxes) feature just folding metal chairs now, but presumably they will replace them with permanent seats at some point. There is also a bleacher section for general admission down the left field line. The exterior of the park is beautiful as well. It features red brick and blue steel girders. Featured out front is a large stand alone ticket booth in the middle of a well landscaped entrance area. Another cool aspect of this old park is the outfield fence - it is still made of brick with the ads painted directly on it. Besides the classic feel of the ballpark, both the concessions and atmosphere were great. They have a nice variety of food items at inexpensive prices as well as pitchers of beer for sale. The atmosphere was very lively on the Saturday night I was here with people very much into the game. And the comedic public address announcer just added to the great time people seemed to be having. There were a few between inning contests and the team does have a mascot ("Scout"), but these in no way took away from the focus of the game. Frankly, I could find nothing wrong with this park, and enjoyed myself here as much as I have at any other minor league park I've ever been to. Grainger Stadium is a must-see for any lover of the old ballparks. Unfortunately, the team will be moving to Zebulon for the 2012 season and it is unlikely that another professional team will move in. Though in 2015, the city did make a deal with the Rangers to bring a team here, but that has apparently fallen through as it was contingent on the Binghamton Mets moving to Wilmington, something that is not going to happen now.
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