Harry Grove Stadium
Frederick, Maryland
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Stadium B
Atmosphere B-
Concessions B

Photos taken in 2006
This is how new parks are being built now. But when Harry Grove Stadium was built in 1990, it was ahead of its time. It features the open concourse behind the last row of seating and luxury boxes situated over this concourse area. It is built into a bowl so you enter onto the concourse level and walk down to all the seats. The exterior is not the usual red brick that so many parks feature - it is a lighter, sandier color making for a different looking park. Seating is made up of box seats (about 8 rows at field level) and metal benches above the center concourse. Concessions are decent, but could be better. They offer BBQ, burgers, Italian sausages, and pizza, but the variety overall is a bit lacking. Also, there aren't enough concessions stands to handle even a half capacity crowd. The atmosphere is pretty typical of the Northeast - lots of sound effects and bratty kids running around. At least the team has a carousel which is something a bit different than what most other parks offer for alternate entertainment. On a return visit here in 2006, I noticed that the ballpark is beginning to look its age. It doesn't appear that many renovations have been done since the park opened in 1990. Even the scoreboard in right field has the original Keys logo. A couple good things here are the free parking and free programs. My biggest complaint with this park is the enormous amount of ads - three tiers high in the outfield. There really is no backdrop because of this - not that there is anything to look at beyond the fence anyhow. Overall, a comfortable place to catch a game, but one that is beginning to feel a bit stale after 15 years. Surprisingly, Frederick lost their affiliated team in the minor league restructure of 2021 and switched to a collegiate league team.
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