Haymarket Park
Lincoln, Nebraska
Year Opened

Current Team
Lincoln Saltdogs


American Association


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My Grades
Stadium A
Atmosphere A-
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2003
Haymarket Park is like a smaller version of Victory Field in Indianapolis. It uses a familiar template, but includes a small upper deck, which really distinguishes it from other new parks. The park has a great location as it overlooks Memorial Stadium (where Nebraska plays their football games) and the Lincoln skyline, including the state capitol. The concourse is open and wraps all around the park, meaning there are plenty of grassy berms for overflow crowds. Sightlines are great - the lower level seats are very close to the field, and even the upper deck seats don't feel like they are too far from the action. The luxury boxes are located at the top of the upper deck. Concessions are well varied and very reasonably priced. Their specialty item is the Runza, which is a sandwich stuffed with meat and spices. Apparently Runza is a restaurant chain in Nebraska. I enjoyed the atmosphere of Haymarket Park quite a bit. There were very few sound effects and the musical selections included some organ music. Instead of between inning contests, the team loves to shoot hot dogs into the stands. I guess they need to justify the money they spent on the huge shooter used to launch the hot dogs. The team has a mascot, "Homer", but he wasn't around much. Parking is plentiful and free. Overall, Haymarket Park is a refreshingly different park with a very nice setting and a relaxing atmosphere. Certainly one of my favorites.
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