Heritage Park
Albany, New York
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Photos taken in 1999 & 2009
Home to the Double-A Albany-Colonie Yankees for several years before they moved to Norwich, Conn. It was then home to the Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs, a team in the independent Northern League (formerly the Northeast League) through 2002. Heritage Park is located right next to the airport, so planes will frequently fly over ahead. A stadium better suited for football, as the majority of the seats are down the first base line. There is a covered a grandstand, but this sits way back from the field. There are some box seats down both lines (the third base ones added in '01), but only about 4 or 5 rows deep. The majority of the seats are general admission located in a large metal bleacher section down the first base line.  As with all teams, sound effects and music are prevalent between every pitch, but at least they have some that are different.  One is the bell which rings softly after every strike thrown by a Diamond Dog pitcher.  It may sound annoying, but it's actually quite amusing.  In addition, they play a wide variety of songs - one between each batter without repetition.  It is certainly a different mix of sound effects and music than what you will normally hear at a game in the northeast.  They do have a mascot, Homer, which may be one of the most active.  Instead of just making a couple short cameos like most mascots, he will hang around the stands and the dugouts during the whole game. Concessions are average at best with just the standard ballpark fare, and a small souvenir stand.  As expected, the Diamond Dogs folded after the 2002 season, most likely due to the presence of the new ballpark in Troy. It now appears that Heritage Park is headed for a date with the wrecking ball as there are plans to build a nursing home on the site. Though those plans seem to be hold, leading to the park being left in a very depressing state (see the last three photos above take in February of 2009). It has been stripped of all its metal and is completely overgrown. As of 2018, the land remains vacant, though all remnants of the stadium are now gone.
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