Homer Stryker Field
Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Stadium B
Atmosphere B-
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2003
Homer Stryker Field fits right in with the rest of the Frontier League ballparks - it is a bit funky, but this makes it unique and enjoyable in this era of too many ballparks looking the same. Baseball has been played on this site since the 1920's, but the current park only dates back to 1995. Although a small portion of the grandstand appears to be original. Oddly, it is the portion directly behind homeplate, which contains general admission benches. The rest of the grandstand is all metal, split between box seats (the molded plastic variety) and benches with backs. A wide walkway in front of the seating areas pushes the seats back further from the field, and creates some poor sightlines. One of the unique aspects of Homer Stryker Field is that the main entrance is in the outfield. This entrance was apparently built at the same time as the new ticket office and locker rooms that are also located in the right field corner. A large covered picnic pavilion is in left field which causes a short porch of just 306 feet. The concession stands are located behind the first base grandstand. The most popular item is Damon's Ribs, but there are other tasty concessions like brats, burgers, and BBQ sandwiches. Also located on the first base side is a small souvenir stand. Apparently the Kings must think that fans love sound effects - they used the same ones over and over and repeated the same songs for each batter. This became rather sickening by the 4th inning. The team also has two mascots, "Louie" and "Lulu", who were both pretty useless. Fans seemed most excited when some kids went on the field and did the "Gator" - some sort of dance. The park is located on the outskirts of town and actually has a view of the city skyline. Parking is both plentiful and free. Whether it's a coincidence or not, the Frontier League has done a great job of creating some unique parks, all with their own sense of charm. Homer Stryker Field is no exception. Unfortunately, the Kings have been in hibernation the past couple years and apparently there is no return planned.
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