Isotopes Park
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Year Opened

Current Team
Albuquerque Isotopes

Colorado Rockies

Pacific Coast League


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My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere A-
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2004
After the Albuquerque Dukes moved to Portland in 2001, it was obvious that a new ballpark would need to be built in order to attract a new team. So the city decided to essentially scrap Albuquerque Sports Stadium and start over. While Isotopes Park is on the same parcel of land, it is a brand new park. The exterior has a very southwestern feel to it as the light brown color gives the appearance of adobe. Combined with the player silhouettes which adorn the first base and third base entry ways and colored panels which light up at night, the park has a very distinct appearance. Inside, the park follows the template of most other new AAA parks. A wide concourse wraps all the around the park and is in view of the field. Seating is made up of all fold down green seats and is broken into three levels : lower box, club level, and upper deck (on the third base side). Most sightlines are excellent as the seats in the outfield are slanted towards the infield. A large grassy berm in right field as well as a huge picnic area in left field provide additional seating. While the structure of the ballpark is nice, it is the setting and atmosphere that make this a great place to see a game. Beyond the outfield fence there is a great view of the mountains. The atmosphere is laid back with only a few between inning contests and no sound effects. I could do without the ushers being so restrictive, but in fairness they may have only been that way since it was a sellout the night I attended a game. Concessions are on par with some major league teams, both in variety and price. Everything from Mexican to subs to burgers to salads are available at the numerous concession stands which dot the concourse. And the quality of concessions is above average. A large gift store behind home plate offers a plethora of Isotopes merchandise which has become a hot seller. Due to the high altitude, the field dimensions are larger than at most parks. This allowed the designers to add a small incline near the center field fence, which is a unique touch. Unfortunately, the most unique aspect of the old ballpark (the drive-in) was scrapped from the design of Isotopes Park due to security concerns. Parking is available in nearby lots at no cost. Perhaps losing the Dukes was a blessing in disguise. Doing so forced the city to build a new park which is now one of the superior facilities at the AAA level. Just a fun and pleasant place to see a game.
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