Maehara Stadium
Wailuku, Hawaii
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Photos taken in 2010
After a 23 year drought, professional baseball in the summer returned to Hawaii in 2010, and for the first time ever, it was played on the island of Maui. Taking in a game at Iron Maehara Stadium is quite a unique experience and something quite different than what you will find at most minor league parks on the mainland. Located next to War Memorial Stadium (which is used for football), Maehara Stadium has a rather scenic backdrop as a view of the mountains can be seen from the first base side and the ocean can be seen in the distance from the third base side. The view beyond the center field fence is of houses on a hillside. Unfortunately because of the short days in Hawaii, the nice scenery can only be seen for the first couple innings of a game. You wouldn't think that a ballpark in Hawaii would need a roof, but Maehara Stadium has a huge one which covers all the seating in the main grandstand. The seats here are all metal bleachers (without backs), both under the grandstand and down the line in right field. While the team sells their tickets as "reserved" seats, everything is in fact general admission. A large VIP section is located down the left field line which consists of what appears to be cafeteria style tables and chairs. While the seats could be more confortable, the bigger issue with the grandstand is the poor sightlines. Due to the net which covers the whole grandstand and the chain link fence that is in front of the seating down the lines, there is no place a fan can watch the game and not be obstructed in some way. Despite these drawbacks, Maehara Stadium is still a very enjoyable place to take in a game. The beautiful weather (including cool breezes in the evening) combined with a passionate fan base really gives this place a fun vibe. Adding to the fun is the on-field DJ, actor Branscombe Richmond, who entertained the crowd with live sound effects and urged fans to get into the game ("Show your aloha, Maui"). A few between inning games were contested, including the dizzy bat race, sing for your supper, and a donut eating contest, but mostly fans seemed into the game. The team also has a mascot, Benz, but he doesn't seem too active. One other unique event here occurs before the first game of every series, when the visiting team is presented leis. Concessions at Maeahara Stadium are served out of just two stands, both located behind the grandstand. The Cool Cat restaurant runs one stand which features burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, and plate lunches. The other stand sells mostly typical ballpark snacks but also Krispy Kreme donuts. The concessions are tasty, but a bit pricey. Of course everything is a little more expensive in Hawaii. While attendance has not been great in their first season, Na Koa Ikaika seems to be building an avid fan base, so hopefully the Golden League will give them a few years to establish themselves. If you happen to find yourself in Maui and need something to do at night, I highly recommend taking in a game at Maehara Stadium. Good weather, nice scenery, and a fun atmosphere combine to make this a memorable ballpark. Unfortunately, at least for the 2014 season, there will be no pro baseball played at Maehara Stadium, as the two Hawaii teams that were part of the Pacific Association have gone dark.
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