Mahaney Diamond
Orono, Maine
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Stadium C
Atmosphere C+
Concessions C

Photos taken in 2003
Mahaney Diamond is back for a second time in 2003 as a host to a Northeast League team. Previously, it hosted the Bangor Blue Ox from 1996-97. When the Lumberjacks announced their move from Glens Falls, they were supposed to be playing in a renovated park on the campus of Husson College. When those plans fell through, they were forced to accept Mahaney Diamond as their home. While it may be a fine facility for college baseball (it hosts the Maine Black Bears), it really is not sufficient for minor league baseball. The structure is all metal with mostly bench seating. Two box seat sections were added behind the dugouts before the '03 season. Also, a new concession/bathroom building was built as a result of the Jacks moving in. The concessions are pretty basic - with only the basic ballpark fare offered. The hot dogs are actually red in color (kinda creepy), but are average in taste. Fans here didn't seem to be into the game much - they seemed most excited when the "Beverage Batter" was up. Of course it is hard to concentrate on the game when there are tons of sound effects blaring - the team used too many and there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when they were played. As with many new teams, they think it necessary to play sound effects just because they can. Because of this, I didn't find the atmosphere to be all that relaxing. After the 2003 season, the Lumberjacks moved into a new stadium on the campus of Husson College.
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