McCarthy Field
West Warwick, Rhode Island
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Stadium D
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Photos taken in 1996
McCarthy Field was home to the Rhode Island Tiger Sharks of the independent Northeast League for just one year (1996). It is little wonder why they didn't return for 1997 - they only averaged about 200 fans a game. This is nothing more than a glorified high school field. It consists solely of aluminum bleachers (without backs) down both foul lines as well as behind home plate. The seats were quite close to the action, but a thick chain link fence obstructed the sight lines somewhat. The dimensions here are extremely small - less than 300 down both lines and only about 370 to center. Home runs abounded here, though not usually for the home team. One opposing player hit 5 in a double header at McCarthy during '96, including 4 in one 7 inning game. Concessions were sold out of a trailer behind the third base bleachers. A small table was set-up with a limited amount of souvenirs. There is little good to say about this place - the stadium is almost as pathetic as the franchise was (they won just 17 of 80 games). The atmosphere was probably the worst I've ever seen at a game anywhere. It probably had to do with no one being there, but they didn't even do the 7th inning stretch. It was quite an experience, needless to say. I don't think they will be getting another minor league team any time soon.
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