McCormick Field
Asheville, North Carolina
Year Opened

Current Team
Asheville Tourists

Colorado Rockies

South Atlantic League


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My Grades
Stadium B+
Atmosphere A-
Concessions B

Photos taken in 2006 & 2013
McCormick Field is built into the side of of a hill and is surrounded by trees, making this a unique and charming place to take in a game. Although the field itself dates back to 1924, the grandstand was completely rebuilt before the 1992 season. The park features a brick exterior as well as a large cantilevered roof which provides covering for most of the seating. Because of the short dimensions of the field, the outfield walls are higher than normal, the tallest of which is the 35 ft right field wall. There are three distinct types of seating - the field box seats (which are brand new in 2006), the benches with backs, and the plain concrete sections. All seats are close to the action, though the netting which stretches all the way down the lines obstructs all the sightlines some. The concourse, which is behind the seating bowl (and thus out of view from the field) is actually underground in places due to the fact that the ballpark was built into the side of a hill. There are several concession stands along the concourse which serve mostly standard ballpark fare. The only unique items on the menu are BBQ Nachos and bratwursts. Both the quality and prices of concessions are average. A small gift store is located at the main gate and features a good variety of Tourists merchandise at reasonable prices. Part of the charm of McCormick Field comes from the setting. But part of it also comes from the atmosphere, which is very laid back. There are no ushers bothering people, not many bratty kids running around, and only a few on-field contests. The focus is mostly on baseball, something rarely seen in the low minors. Parking is free, though somewhat limited around the ballpark. Many people end up parking near the football stadium which sits above the ballpark. Recent renovations to the park have added a new video board and cleaned up the outfield view so now just a few large ads adorn the high blue walls. McCormick Field is just a delightful place to take in a game. The setting is cool, the atmosphere is focused on baseball, and the prices are cheap. You just can't get this type of authentic minor league experience at too many parks these days.
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