McDermott Field
Idaho Falls, Idaho
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Stadium D+
Atmosphere B+
Concessions B-

Photos taken in 2006
McDermott Field, which was demolished in September of 2006, is not a park anyone should be sad to see go. I got here for a game in August of 2006, and frankly it needs replacing. A new ballpark, Melaleuca Field, was constructed on the same site and was ready to go for the 2007 season. McDermott Field is located in a residential area and only has a small unpaved parking lot. The grandstand, which was rebuilt in 1976 after a fire destroyed the old one, is uncovered and lacks any charm whatsoever. While there are some individual seats in the grandstand, the park mostly consists of benches (without backs), which can make for an uncomfortable night. Old, wooden bleacher sections are located down each line and look like they should have been condemned years ago. There are also two small box seat sections located on top of each dugout. The concourse runs behind the main grandstand and features a couple of concession stands and a table which constitutes the "team store". Concessions are mostly limited to the standard ballpark fare, though there is a grill on the 3rd base side which serves up brats and burgers. The quality of the food is just average, but at least the prices are cheap. Several between inning games were done - Race the Mascot, golf, and "Hillbilly" Horseshoes, but overall the fans seemed into the game. There was some music played and the only sound effects heard were those of an organ (though there is not a real organ here). The new ballpark can only be an improvement of McDermott Field, which looked like it hadn't had much maintenance done since it was built in '76. I'm glad I got here for a game, but I didn't shed any tears when it was knocked down.
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