Memorial Stadium
Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Stadium B-
Atmosphere B+
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 1996
Fort Wayne's Memorial Stadium was the home of the Wizards of the Single-A Midwest League from 1993-2008. It is a rather bland and ordinary ballpark. Constructed almost entirely of concrete, there is no covered seating. The box seats are of the plastic folding type, while the GA seats are simply metal benches with backs. The box seats sit up quite high, however, due to some of the biggest dugouts in the minors. The closest seat is at least 10 feet above the playing field. The stadium is situated right next to a busy highway. Because of this a net has been constructed in left field to prevent some balls from hitting passing cars. A picnic area is located far down the right field line. The stadium also has a large concourse area which is not used for much. The concessions are located at the same level as the stands in the area between the box seats and GA seats. This is actually a good place for them, as fans are not forced to miss any action while getting concessions. Present at the ballpark is the team mascot, a Wizard. Several on-field promotions took place between innings. A pretty average minor league park. Which is why in 2005 the city began a study to look into building a new downtown ballpark. In 2009, that ballpark became a reality when the renamed Tin Caps moved into Parkview Field. In June of '09, Memorial Stadium was demolished to make more parking for the coliseum adjacent to it.
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