Modern Woodmen Park
Davenport, Iowa
Year Opened

Current Team
Quad Cities River Bandits

Houston Astros

Midwest League


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Stadium A- Atmosphere NG Concessions NG

Photos taken in 2005
Some may classify this as a renovation, but to me this is a brand new park. While the exterior facade may have been preserved (thankfully), the complete seating bowl was rebuilt, which to me constitutes a new park. What was once a somewhat unique park is now an ordinary one that looks like dozens of others across the country. The old park featured a large, covered grandstand. But was lacking luxury boxes and other "amenities" that all real baseball fans need (wink, wink). So the classic structure was ripped down after the 2003 season and the new park was ready for the '04 season. Also as part of the renovation the field was completely rebuilt, a new scoreboard was installed, and retaining walls were built in an effort to prevent floods which have plagued the park. Despite the extensive renovations, attendance has not picked up significantly. But the team probably doesn't care as they are getting tons of revenue from other places (i.e. luxury boxes) that they never were before. I haven't yet seen a game here and am not in any rush to do so.
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