Municipal Stadium
Hagerstown, Maryland
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Stadium C+
Atmosphere B+
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2010
There have been many complaints about Municipal Stadium in recent years (mostly from the new ownership group), so its future appears in question. If Hagerstown wants to keep an affiliated team, they will most likely need to build a new park. With other newer parks in the South Atlantic League, this park is looking more and more outdated. Still, it is not a bad park. It does feature a covered grandstand behind homeplate. There are a few rows of box seats that run from first base all the way around to third base. Bleacher sections down each line complete the seating. Its setting is residential with houses being visible over the outfield fences. The concourse area is directly behind the seating sections. A new picnic area with a grill and beer garden were added in the early '00's. Concessions are well varied - the BBQ stand is especially recommended as it features tasty ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. As can be expected at an older ballpark, the atmosphere is quite laid back. No crazy sound effects and just a couple of between inning contests. Municipal Stadium is still a nice enough park to host minor league baseball, but in this day of new parks and luxury boxes, its future is clearly doomed. The Suns had tentative plans to move to Fredericksburg (VA) in time for the 2015 season, but those plans are on hold for now. It appears that the Suns will remain in Hagerstown for at least two more seasons. Amazingly, pro baseball lasted at Municipal Stadium until 2021. The Atlantic League has granted Hagerstown approval for a team, but this is conditional on a new ballpark being built.
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