Municipal Stadium
San Jose, California
Year Opened

Current Team
San Jose Giants

San Francisco Giants

California League


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My Grades
Stadium B-
Atmosphere A-
Concessions A

Photos taken in 2010
San Jose's Municipal Stadium may be a bit old and uncomfortable, but the overall experience is probably what you remember most after your visit. This is one case where fans really seem to be able to enjoy a ballpark despite the lack of so-called "modern amenities". Located east of downtown and on the outskirts of town, Municipal Stadium is an unpretentious park, but one that is filled with tons of charm and character. Parking is located behind the outfield fence and is a bit pricey at $9, especially for a minor league venue. Once inside, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the numerous baseball murals and famous quotes which adorn the exterior facade and the interior concourse. While some may be newly painted, they all combine to give the park a more colorful and historic feel. The main grandstand, which runs from first base to third base, is completely uncovered and comprised mostly of wooden benches for seating. Underneath the grandstand is a narrow concourse with concession stands where the workers are literally behind bars (like they are in jail) - it is quite a sight ! The first six rows of the grandstand are box seats, which offers the only place in the ballpark with backs on the seats. Large bleacher sections down each line complete the seating. While most of the seats are rather uncomfortable, the bigger problem in my opinion is the poor sightlines caused by netting which obstructs the views from almost all the seats, especially those in the main grandstand. But as mentioned earlier, these negatives do not seem to be stopping people from enjoying the overall experience. One reason for this is the outstanding concessions. With the quality and variety of food offerings, the Giants seem to have gotten most fans to actually buy their dinner at the park rather than just a beer and a snack. The BBQ stand located down the left field line, Turkey Mike's, is definitely the highlight. It features BBQ plates (chicken or ribs), pulled pork sandwiches, sausages, burgers, and some of the biggest turkey legs I've ever seen. The other popular concession item here is the garlic fries. Prices are on the high side, but the portions are huge and quality is excellent, so the money spent is well worth it. The laid back atmosphere also contributes to the memorable experience at Municipal Stadium. There are no sound effects and only a minimal amount of music is played. The Giants have a mascot, Gigante (Spanish for gigantic), who is pretty active and seems to be well liked by the fans. The only complaint in this area is that the team did one promotion where they were throwing free stuff into the crowd during the inning. That is a no-no in my book - do not distract the fans while the game is being played. Despite the few minor complaints, I really enjoyed my visit to Municipal Stadium. It is a fun and quirky ballpark, something that is becoming harder and harder to find. Enjoy while you can, as San Jose could soon be getting a Major League team, if the Athletics get their way.
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