Municipal Stadium
Waterbury, Connecticut
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Stadium D
Atmosphere B+
Concessions A

Photos taken in 1997 & 1998 & 2000
Municipal Stadium was home to the Waterbury Spirit of the independent Northeast/Northern League from 1997-2000. This is also the former home of a Double-A team in the Eastern League until 1986. It is configured more like a football stadium than a baseball park. Almost all of the seating (uncovered) lies along the first base line. The seats are all individual, but somewhat cramped. Nothing distinguishes the box seats from the reserved seats except proximity to the field. Though I believe that some of the reserved seats might actually have better sight lines than some of the box seats. They also have club level seats that actually are higher up than box seats but provide an unobstructed view (a chain link fence obstructs some box seats). These club level seats also provide more leg room as they are grouped in 2 and 3 seat blocks. The dimensions of the park are huge - 350 to left, 400 to center, 340 to right. Also, the backstop is only about 40 feet behind home plate, and is much taller than what you would normally see at a ballpark. There was a wide variety of concessions at a stand behind home plate. Ticket prices were a little high - $9 for club level, $7 for box seats, and $5 for reserved. The team tried hard to make it an entertaining place with numerous between inning contests. Also on hand was Sammy Spirit, the team's mascot dressed as a bird. Overall, it was not a great place to see a ballgame, though the atmosphere kept most fans interested for the majority of the game. While the team did not officially fold, it was dormant starting in 2001.
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