Nelson Wolff Stadium
San Antonio, Texas
Year Opened

Current Team
San Antonio Missions

Milwaukee Brewers

Texas League


Location Map

My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere B+
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2000
Wolff Stadium is an attractive park with many nice touches, but the lousy setting for it knocks down my grade for it a bit. It is set on the outskirts of town near an Air Force base. The park appears to have been built in a big open field. It overlooks a neighborhood that appears to be quite decrepit. Despite the poor setting, I enjoyed my visit to Wolff Stadium. The outside facade is quite spectacular as it features two large bell towers in keeping with the southwestern flavor. A large, high roof covers part of the seating area. It appears to be more for blocking the hot Texas sun than keeping the fans dry from any rain storms. It is certainly effective at this as most of the seats are shaded from the time you enter the park. A center concourse splits the seating. Box seats are fold down chairs while the reserved and GA seats are benches with backs. This center concourse leads out to the main concourse located behind and beneath the grandstand. The concourse features several concession stands, a nice souvenir store, and a wall of fame featuring plaques of famous players who played in San Antonio. The concessions are quite varied and affordable. They include interesting items such as fajitas and Frito pies. The concourse area stretches all the way to both foul lines. There is picnic area down the right field line. From the left field foul pole to left center there is a grassy berm for overflow crowds. A nice breeze blows in from center field making for a pleasant evening for both the fans and pitchers. The atmosphere is not as baseball oriented as it could be as the team goes a bit overboard on music and sound effects. After hearing much hype about their mascot Henry the Puffy Taco, I was disappointed to see that he only made one brief appearance. They also had another mascot named Ballopena who only made a couple of appearances. Parking is a bit steep at $3. My complaints with this park are minor and did not detract from my experience here. If only the setting were a little better. In 2016, the city began looking into building a downtown ballpark for a AAA team. If this happens (as early as 2019), the AA team would move elsewhere (perhaps Amarillo).
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