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Photos taken in 2016
Though the original name of this ballpark, Riverview Stadium, may indicate that it is in view of the river, it is in fact not. The casino riverboats which sit on the river are within view, but no water is actually visible from the park as it sits a couple hundred yards from the Mississippi. The corporately sponsored name, Ashford University Field, is also a misnomer as the ballpark is not actually located on the campus. This classic WPA ballpark features a large covered grandstand that extends past both the first and third base bags, and covers every seat in the house. Renovations completed prior to the 2006 season have greatly improved the fan experience and allowed the city to keep their affiliated team.


  • The covered grandstand is pretty darn cool. While it has its drawbacks (poles and a thick netting block the sightlines), it is great to a have the shade on a hot summer afternoon.
  • The acoustics are awesome here. Similar to the Wahconah Park, the grandstand just seems to make the crack of the bat sound so much better.
  • Everything is cheap! Parking is free, GA tickets are just 7 bucks, and concessions are very reasonably priced.
  • The erector set style light poles give the ballpark an authentic old school feel. These must be original to the park.
  • The berm in the outfield gives the fans another vantage point from which to watch the game. This was added during the 2006 renovations.
  • There are plenty of activities to entertain the kids from bounce houses to a playground to a miniature ballfield.
  • The Lumber Lounge is a group area located behind the right field fence. This is an excellent spot for private groups as you won’t be bothered by any other fans.
  • A small souvenir store is located behind home plate.
  • The atmosphere is very laid back with very few distractions.


  • The seating is not the most comfortable as the majority of seats are benches without backs. Still, there are some box seats that are folddowns as well as one section of bleachers which does have backs.
  • Most of the sightlines are obstructed by the thick screen, though there are some seats past the bags which are unobstructed. Also, the views from the picnic area and outfield berm are unobstructed.
  • The concession stands are all located on the backside of the grandstand, out of view of the playing field. Fortunately, with small crowds usually the norm, you won’t miss much action if you need to get concessions between innings.
  • Louie, the team mascot, apparently does not show up for all games. We attended a Sunday afternoon game in June and he was nowhere to be found. Kind of odd that he wasn’t around since Sundays always attract the most kids.


  • Concession stands are located behind the grandstand and in the picnic area down the left field line.
  • As expected at an older ballpark, prices are very reasonable with almost items under $5. Large sodas are just $2.75, jumbo hot dogs are $3.50, and 16oz beers $5.
  • Unique concession items include walking tacos ($3.50), pulled pork sandwiches ($4.25), bratwursts ($3.75), and mini tacos ($4).
  • The “signature” food item is the Garbage Pail. which consists of a bunch of fried foods likes cheese bites, corn nuggets, onion rings, fries, and chicken fingers.
  • Both soft-serve and hand dipped (hard) ice cream is available for $3.
  • The food is all freshly prepared so comes out hot and quality seems good.
Ashford University Field is definitely a throwback to a different era of minor league ballparks and is a refreshing change from the “mall” parks that are some prevalent nowadays. You just slap your 5 bucks down, grab any seat you want, and watch a ballgame in peace. Sure, there are distractions here for the kids, but if you just want to baseball, this is a perfect place to do so. With so many of these type of ballparks being replaced, it is nice to see a place like Clinton still surviving. Despite small crowds, hopefully affiliated baseball will be here for many more years. Unfortunately, minor league baseball left Clinton after 2020 and was replaced with a collegiate league team.
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