Oestrike Stadium
Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Stadium C+
Atmosphere C
Concessions C+

Photos taken in 2009
Oestrike Stadium got its first shot at hosting professional baseball in 2009 when the Midwest Sliders (previously a traveling team in the Frontier League) moved here. Certainly this is just a one year move as the Sliders are awaiting their new home to be built in Oakland County where they will be rebranded the Oakland County Cruisers. But after attending a game here, I was left to wonder what the point was in even finding a temporary home for the Sliders. It appeared that little effort was being made to market the team and practically nobody was showing up at the games. Oestrike Stadium is located on the campus of Eastern Michigan University, right next to the football stadium. The park features a cozy little grandstand that is completely covered. All the seating is metal benches (without backs), so is certainly not the most comfortable place to watch a game. There is also a grassy berm that surrounds the park, though I don't think fans are really encouraged to use it. The field here is comprised of a Field Turf infield and grass outfield. The two areas are split by a dirt path, which almost seems to be a warning track of some sort. A simple scoreboard is located behind the fence in left field. The press box behind home plate is also a bit small as there is no room for the radio announcers. They are forced to sit at a table in front of the press box, so all the fans can hear them during the game. The concourse at Oestrike Stadium is located behind the grandstand. Concessions are sold out of a temporary trailer. No alcohol is sold and just basic food options are available - hot dogs, brats, and chicken sandwiches. Despite the very small crowd (probably less than 100) there the night I attended a game here, the atmosphere was not too depressing. Walk-up music was played for each batter, though the sound system was a bit too loud at times. There was also a few between inning contests such as the dizzy bat race and Let's Make a Deal. Strangely the team has no mascot. If you want to see a professional ballgame at Oestrike Stadium, I'm pretty sure 2009 will be your only chance. But only go if you're a hardcore baseball fan, as there is little else to distract fans here.
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