Perdue Stadium
Salisbury, Maryland
Year Opened

Current Team
Delmarva Shorebirds

Baltimore Orioles

Carolina League


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My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere A-
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2002
Having seen pictures of Perdue Stadium, I expected it to be very much like all the other new parks that have been built over the past decade or so. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found a structure that was a bit different and an experience that was overall quite refreshing. As is typical, the concourse is at the top of the seating bowl and is within view of the playing field. The aspects that make it different are the picnic area directly behind home plate and the small concourse area that is right below it. Most parks that have the center concourse don't really need one. Here it actually serves a purpose. There are two concession stands located on it and it also has an entrance to an indoor concourse where the Eastern Shore Hall of Fame is located. The atmosphere is also somewhat different at Perdue Stadium. There is no mascot, no overbearing ushers, and no YMCA. They do have an on field emcee ("Raffy") who conducts the between inning games - some of which are unique (the money pluck and the sparkplug race). And they do have a play area for kids featuring a carousel that is far down the left field line. Concessions are a bit expensive, but the portions large. Ticket prices are high for the box seats ($11), but with parking and programs both free, I'm not complaining. And besides, the GA seats are only $6. The only complaints I have are minor - many of the scoreboard lights needed to be repaired and there is a bit too much bench seating. The stadium is located right off the highway in a newly developed stretch of land. So the park offers no view, except for that of trees. And yes, the park is named after the chicken guy. Just a clean, comfortable, and enjoyable place to take in a game.
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