Phoenix Municipal Stadium
Phoenix, Arizona
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Stadium B
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Photos taken in 2009
Phoenix Municipal Stadium is one of the few Arizona ballparks that provides any sort of view behind the outfield fence. Red rock formations from nearby Papago Park can be seen from the first base side of the ballpark and make what would otherwise be a forgettable park at least somewhat memorable. The stadium itself has a very low profile from the exterior meaning that fans enter directly from street level onto the main concourse which overlooks the field. The seats have a very gentle incline and stretch from foul line to foul line. While many of the seats are close to the field, sightlines are poor from some of them because they are so far from the infield and because of the lack of incline to the seating bowl. Seats are of the fold-down variety in the infield, but just benches with backs in the outfield sections. Large concession areas behind both first base and third base provide plenty of room for fans to get some eats and watch the game at the same time. The main concession stands offer just the basic ballpark fare, though the picnic area in the left field corner offers more selections. There you can get burgers, sausages, and corn on the cob. Prices and quality are both average as compared to other Cactus League parks. A team store is located along the concourse behind home plate. Unlike almost all the other spring training parks, there is no wraparound concourse here and no grassy berms for fans to lounge on. A couple games for kids are located behind the grandstand, though most fans at spring training games are there for the baseball, so they didnít seem to be getting much business. Parking is located across the street in a big lot and costs $5. Overall, Phoenix Municipal Stadium is a comfortable enough place to see a game, but lacks much charm except for the view beyond the outfield fence. Among the Cactus League parks Iíve seen, this ranks near the bottom. So it was no wonder that the Athletics moved out after the 2014 season. After some renovations, Phoenix Municipal Stadium was slated to be used solely for college baseball, as Arizona State will be playing their home games here.
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