Pohlman Field
Beloit, Wisconsin
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Stadium C+
Atmosphere B+
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2003 & 2005
With all the new ballparks popping up in the Midwest League, Beloit's Pohlman Field is looking more and more substandard each year. Good thing that the team is community owned - otherwise I'm sure the owners would be begging for a new ballpark as well. Pohlman Field, located in Telfer Park, is pretty typical of a ballpark built in the early 1980's. The seating is made up of mostly metal benches, with only a couple hundred box seats (molded plastic, not fold downs) in the grandstand behind home plate. The concourse area runs behind the main grandstand. Recent renovations have added a new office building in front and a triple tiered picnic deck in right field. Concession stands are located behind home plate and down the right field line. There is a good variety of food items, including regional favorites like brats, cheddarwursts, and cheese curds. The quality is excellent and the prices very reasonable, as can be expected at a community owned park. A very small team store is located in the grandstand behind home plate. The atmosphere is certainly different here than what you'll find at newer parks in suburban areas. The crowd tends to be older and definitely more into the game. While the team does some on field games, they aren't the typical ones and don't feel so rehearsed. My favorite was the "Hog Call" where two fans competed to see who could make the best hog call sound - only in Wisconsin. The team also has an onfield DJ, which I don't normally like, but here there was some informal banter going on between him and the PA announcer which made it enjoyable. Snappy, the team mascot, is also around to entertain the kids, but didn't seem to be a much of a distraction. Overall, the atmosphere is quite laid back and everything doesn't feel so scripted like at many parks. Pohlman Field is a perfectly fine place to see a ballgame, but from an amenities standpoint, it simply doesn't measure up to most of the other ballparks in the Midwest League. But as long as it remains community owned (and not-for-profit), the Snappers won't be going anywhere. And that's a good thing as there always needs to be a few of these type of teams around to remind us of what the minor leagues were originally like. Hopefully the Snappers remain in Beloit for many more years. Whether this happens may depend on if they can get a new ballpark built. In 2006, ownership began looking for land in Beloit on which to build. Ownership has threatened that a new ballpark is the "last chance" for keeping the Snappers in Beloit. However, more than a decade later the Snappers continue to play here with no new ballpark in the works. Finally, in 2021 a new ballpark will be opening in Beloit.
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