Point Stadium
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
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Photos taken in 1997
Point Stadium had been home to a Frontier League franchise, but its likely that 2002 was the last year. It is a great old ballpark set in a rather scenic location. Streets and Rivers box this stadium in accounting for its odd dimensions. It is a mere 211 ft down the right field line, and about 275 to left field. A street runs behind the left and center field wall which is about 30 ft high with a 20 ft screen on top that is also in play. The entrance is in center field, which is another unique feature of the Point. The concourse area along the first base side (under the bleachers) has been nicely renovated, and looks out over a river. Concessions were plentiful and cheap. The grandstand behind home plate is covered, though the seats are a little bit steep and far away from the action. There were several on-field promotions as well as music blaring between innings. Overall, the atmosphere was excellent as the fans stayed interested in the game. The only aspect I didn't like was that the field was in rough shape making for interesting play in the field. Definitely a stadium worth checking out if you like old or unique stadiums. Extensive renovations were completed in 2006. Unfortunately, it appears that the classic grandstand is gone and so much of the essense of Point Stadium has been lost. But perhaps professional baseball will reappear now that renovations are complete.
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