Rent One Park
Marion, Illinois
Year Opened

Current Team
Southern Illinois Miners


Frontier League


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My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere B-
Concessions B

Photos taken in 2007
If you like artificial turf, then you're in for a real treat when you visit Rent One Park. Not only is the grass fake, the dirt is also fake. That's right - the baselines, the pitcher's mound, the home plate area, the warning tracks. All artificial. It certainly makes for a different experience while watching the game, and probably not one I'd like on a regular basis. Once you get past the fake field, however, Rent One Park is a fine new ballpark. It is located in a growing commercial area, west of the city of Marion. Because it was built in a big empty space, there is no backdrop to speak of. The exterior of the park is a rather boring gray brick with no signage indicating what the name of the park is or who plays there. Inside, the design of Rent One Park follows the common template used nowadays with an open concourse overlooking the field and luxury boxes stacked overhead. The concourse is very wide and spacious, though there seems to be too much dead space on the third base side. Currently the concourse does not wrap all the way around the ballpark, but it clearly could at some point in the future. Seats are all of the green fold down variety, with season ticket holders getting cushions with theirs. Picnic areas are located in center field and in the right field corner. There is also a grassy berm in left field, though when I visited in late August, the grass was completely brown. Perhaps the team has no way of watering the grass since they don't have to worry about the field needing water. Maybe they should just put artificial turf in the grassy berm as well ! A large gift store is located off the concourse and typical of most first year teams, prices were quite high on most items. The team does give out free scorecards, however, which is a nice touch. Concessions is one area that could probably be improved on. The overall variety was rather limited and the quality was average at best. I always like to see teams have a signature food item, but there are none to be found in Marion. The atmosphere, as with most teams in their inaugural year, is a bit over the top. The music is cranked too loud and the PA announcer is a bit too enthusiastic. There are also four mascots (a miner, a bird, a mole, and TNT) on hand to entertain the fans, which they did quite well. Also, the team does a few of the typical between inning games. Certainly the fans of Southern Illinois have taken an immediate liking to Rent One Park as they easily broke the Frontier League attendance record in their first season. The ballpark doesn't break any new ground or have any unique features (unless you're fond of the artificial turf), but it's a comfortable and pleasant place to take in a game.
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